Library Staff

Laura Hoover, Library Director

Len Riker, Library Clerk

Kelsey Taylor, Library Aide

Rachel Davis, Library Aide

Brieanna Heim, Library Aide

Library Policies

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Library Board

The Swisher Community Library  Board meets monthly on the 4th Sunday of the month at 1:00 pm on Zoom.  

Current Board Members

Tera Kringle, President

Mary Bryan, Vice President

Caitie Rowe

Cindy Shelangoski

Ben Winborn

Meeting agendas are posted 24 hours before the meeting in the Library, on the city Community Board at the Post Office, and on our website.

Library Board Minutes

Library Board Minutes 3-21-21

Library Board Minutes 4-25-21

Library Board Minutes 5-23-21

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For copies of early meetings please email us at

Library Long Range Plan

Library Board Minutes 6- 27-21