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Mobile Hotspots Lending Agreement


Guidelines for Borrowing and Use

  • Only residents of the City of Swisher, contracting towns (Shueyville), and Johnson County rural residents who are library cardholders in good standing may borrow a hotspot. “Good Standing” is defined as a library account that is more than three weeks old.

  • The cardholder must be 16 years of age or older to check out a hotspot.

  • Borrowers must read, understand, and sign the Hotspot policy upon initial checkout. .

  • The cardholder must have a current, working email address on file in their library account.

  • Only one Hotspot per household can be checked out at any given time.

  • Hotspots can be checked out for one week (7 days) and can be renewed one time if there are no holds. Following a renewal, the hot spot must be returned to the library and placed on the shelf for one day prior to additional checkout.

  • Hotspots must be returned to the circulation desk. Do NOT use the book drop. Borrowers, along with a library staff member, will verify that all accessories are present at the time of check-out and check-in:

    • Hotspot Device                      

    • Case

    • Charging cable

    • Power adapter


Fines and Liability

  • The overdue fine is $5.00 per day for a maximum of $100. This maximum fine does not include any and all equipment replacement costs, which are billed separately.

  • When the hotspot reaches 1 day past due, it will be deactivated, rendering the device unusable.

    • Three days past its due date, the library will call patron and send an overdue notice via email.

    • Seven days past due date, the library will again send an overdue notice via email.

    • Ten days past due date, the borrower’s account will be charged the replacement fee for the device and a Final Notice will be mailed.

    • After 30 days, an unrecovered hotspot will be referred to the Johnson County Sheriff’s department as a theft under Iowa Code 714.5.


  • The borrower is responsible for applicable replacement costs and processing fees, up to $200.00 for the hotspot and/or accessories if lost, stolen, or damaged while checked out. The library will not accept replacement hotspots or accessories purchased by the customer. The minimum replacement cost of a hotspot is $200.00.


Proper Care and Use

  • Do not leave the Hotspot in a hot vehicle, nor should you expose it to moisture.

  • Do not remove the SIM card for any reason.

  • Please do not leave the hotspot plugged in once it is fully charged, this can cause damage.

  • If the Hotspot prompts you to update its software, you may accept. The software update should only take a few minutes.



Hotspot Lending Agreement



I agree to follow the Swisher Community Library’s Guidelines for Borrowing and Use above, which apply to the use of this device. I will return the Hotspot promptly so other patrons may also have access to the device. I will use proper care for the Hotspot as outlined above. It is my responsibility to know, understand, and abide by these guidelines.



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