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  • The Swisher Community Library believes a presence on the Internet is necessary for the modern library. As such, the sites, such as a webpage or a Facebook page serve as both a gateway to the Library's resources and services and a public relations tool which presents and promotes the Library in a virtual environment.


Content and Design

  • The content and design of webpages will be managed by the Director, or a designee, and will strive to reflect the services the Library offers and the Swisher Community as a whole.  While it may change in design and/or content pages will at all times provide: the library name and location, phone number, contact email, and hours of operation. 


  • Currently, the Library has both the website and a Facebook page.  As other platforms emerge, they may be added at the discretion of the Director in consultation with the Board of Trustees. Everything in the policy applies to all places the Swisher Community Library officially appears on the Internet.



Links to other sites

  • Sites linked by the Swisher Community Library must: 1) provide materials the library pays a fee for patrons to use, such as Bridges or Tumblebooks, 2) be a partner site, such as Bedtime Math or Learning Express or 3) be a local community site, such as the City of Swisher, or Swisher Fun Days.


  • No private party or strictly commercial websites or Facebook pages will be linked to the Swisher Library pages.



Approved 7/25/16 Reviewed and 9/27/2019

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