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Internet Use Policy


  • The Swisher Community Library has no control of the Internet and its resources, and assumes no responsibility for the quality, accuracy or currency of any Internet resource. A well-informed consumer should question the validity of information found on the Internet.

  • Public access to the Internet is intended to augment the library’s collection and to support informational needs, lifelong learning opportunities, and the cultural and leisure activities of all members of the Community.


Responsibilities of Users

  • Internet resources and computer access through the library are provided equally to users.  Each user is entitled to private, confidential use of Internet, whether on public computers or private.

  • Children have access to the same resources as adults. As in book selection, it is the library’s policy that parents or legal guardians, not library staff, are responsible for deciding what resources are appropriate for their children.

  • Users may not incur any costs to the Swisher Community Library through access to fee-for-service information providers, shopping online or any other Internet use.

  • Users may not change the configuration of software or hardware on the Internet computers.

  • The library is not responsible for damage incurred to a patron’s personal storage devices or personal laptops or for any loss of data, damage or liability that may occur from patron use of the library’s Internet services.



Staff Assistance

  • While we cannot provide in-depth training to each patron, staff may be able to answer basic questions or help locate resources on the Internet or use of the computer resources.

  • The library cannot accept the liability of handling patron’s computers. Patrons must understand how to configure their own computers.


Ethical Use

  • Public Access computers are located in a public area. Given the public setting, patrons are asked to respect the sensibilities of others when accessing potentially offensive information and images.

  • Use of the Library’s Internet connection, including HotSpot Connections, in an illegal, disruptive or destructive manner may result in the loss of Internet or library privileges.



Wireless Access

  • The Internet Policy applies to all computers use in the library, as well as to use of Library HotSpots when checked out.

  • Unfiltered, wireless Internet access is provided free of charge to anyone using their personal laptop computer or device equipped with functioning wireless or wired network connection.


Approved 3/27/12 Updated August 2015 Reviewed and Approved 1/28/2019

Updated and Approved 11/7/21



Public Access Computers

  • The library has two computers available for patron use.  Please refer to posted “Rules for Use of Public Access Computers” and to the above Internet Policy for more information.

  • Time limits on use of the Public Access Computers will be at the Library Director’s discretion.  Time limits will be used, when necessary, to provide for fair and equitable access for all library patrons.

  • The library has three Mobile HotSpots available to check out for patron use.  Please refer to “HotSpot Lending Agreement” (Appendix F) for more information.

Approved 3/27/12 Updated August 2015 Reviewed and Approved 1/28/2019

Updated and Approved 11/7/21

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